Legislator Lai Pinyu participated in the special event of COSPLAY at the South America Pavilion on August 27, and was featured in the image video "Into Tainan" to promote that Tainan is fun on weekdays and holidays.

(Provided by Nanshi Municipal Government)

[Reporter Hong Ruiqin/Tainan Report] Nanshi's latest "Into Tainan" image video, in addition to the highly topical "Asian Hell and Ghosts Exhibition", followed by a series of events such as the Tainan Arts Festival and the Tainan International Music Festival. In addition to the newly announced Bib Gourmand Food and the annual event Tainan Shopping Festival, "watching art exhibitions, eating delicious food, and shopping for lucky draws" are three must-do things when visiting Tainan in autumn. Come to Tainan with a group, it's fun on weekdays and holidays."

Tainan Mayor Huang Weizhe said humorously that most tourists who come to Tainan to play, "may have 5 meals a day plus 3 snacks and 2 drinks."

The classic snacks are timeless, and the new dishes are equally eye-catching. The 2022 Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand recommends, Tainan has handed over 44 places on the list for the first time, and there are many hidden pocket lists of local people outside the list, waiting for Foodies who know how to eat and love to eat come to discover.

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The annual theme of the Tainan Arts Festival "Arts Beyond the Boundary" means that the possibilities of art are always beyond our ordinary imagination. It will debut on October 7, with a total of 15 wonderful programs, one after another at the Tainan Cultural Center and Tainan Mountain. The Garden Waterway Museum, Shatao Palace, Xinying Cultural Center, Taijiang Cultural Center, Zhang Hui Art Museum, Yanping County King's Temple, Tainan Municipal Library New Headquarters, Shuijiao Society Cultural Park and Fucheng Great South Gate, etc.

The Tainan International Music Festival continues the spirit of last year's first music festival "Song of Life". This year's theme is "Infinite Ages", which symbolizes the exploration of an infinite new world with the power of music. It will be on stage from September 23 to October 29. In particular, Erliao Guanri Pavilion and Zengwenxi Aqueduct Bridge were transformed into performance venues for the first time.

In addition, if you come to Tainan for consumption now, you can go online to the "2022 Tainan Shopping Festival" website and log in to the invoice to participate in the lucky draw as long as you present the receipts from the stores in Tainan.

Tainan's tourism feature is "Baoshan connects the four seas".

(Provided by Tainan City Government)

The National Monument Eternal Golden City is photographed in the sky.

(Provided by Tainan City Government)

Not in Michelin Bib Gourmand, the hidden version of Tainan's gourmet "pig head rice".

(Photo by reporter Hong Ruiqin)

Beef soup is a must when traveling in Tainan. The meat is tender and warm.

(Photo by reporter Hong Ruiqin)