After Putin's announcement of a "partial" mobilization, support for the war in Ukraine among Russians dropped dramatically.

This was


by the Russian opposition politician and journalist Ihor Yakovenko in an interview with OBOZREVATEL.

"All this 90% support for Putin's 'special operation' that was claimed disappeared in an instant. It never actually existed. A significant number of Russians were ready to support this war from the comfort of their sofas. But as soon as their own lives were touched, all that support disappeared in an instant evaporated. No one wants to die. It is absolutely not clear why one should give one's own life," he said.

Yakovenko believes that Putin wants to save his life with the lives of hundreds of thousands of Russians.

"Only a small number of convicts, recidivists, and serial criminals are ready to play this lottery just to save their lives. And it is not yet clear how they will behave when they receive weapons and reach Ukraine. In Moscow, a great idea is currently being voiced - to send migrants to the front for Russian citizenship. But it is also not a fact that people who arrived from the countries of Central Asia will be ready to go and die for an unknown reason. This is a frantic attempt to save their own lives - I am talking about Putin and his entourage - at the cost of thousands, tens of thousands and, most likely , hundreds of thousands of Russian lives," the politician added.

It will be recalled that on September 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on partial mobilization.

According to the Minister of Defense of the country Serhiy Shoigu, it is planned to recruit 300,000 people into the army as part of the mobilization.

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