According to Zhdanov, the occupiers brought shells to Kherson Oblast for six months.

Despite the fact that all the logistics of the enemy in the South Buz direction have already been disrupted, the Russian soldiers still have large reserves of BC.

Zhdanov told about this on his YouTube channel.

The expert noted that despite the fact that our fighters hit the BC warehouses of the occupiers, the enemy still has a large number of shells.

And they replenish these stocks.

"They are like ants. They are trying to transport those ammunition on boats, several crates at a time, they are pulling these ammunition on pontoons, and we are trying to sink them... And only when the shells they throw across the Dnipro will be much less, those which spend every day, and their reserves will begin to run out," Zhdanov noted.

According to him, thanks to their huge reserves, the occupiers will be able to hold out on the right bank for another month.

Actually, it is precisely because of these reserves of the occupiers that the Ukrainian defenders are forced to "stomp".

"The enemy will have enough supplies for a long time, but the Armed Forces find Russian warehouses, and then "something flies there". But it will take time to completely destroy the occupiers on the right bank," Zhdanov noted.

We will remind you that during the offensive on Kherson, the Ukrainian military in the south performs three main tasks in order to avoid complex and bloody battles inside the city. 

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