The giant snake was put in the net when it was just picked up from the fish farm.

(Picture taken from Weibo)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A large snake was reported in Harbin, Heilongjiang, China. A man surnamed Guo recently found that the fish in his home was a bit strange. The fish in the fish often disappeared, so he decided to drain the water in the fish. He was shocked when he found a 4-meter giant snake weighing 50 kilograms at the bottom of the pool.

According to Chinese media reports, Guo Nan found that the fish farm at home was in a state recently, because 1,500 kg to 2,000 kg of fry had been put in, but only some small crucian carp remained, and there was still a long black shadow moving under the water. Decided to drain the water to find out.

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During the process of pumping water, there was a moving sound in the nearby grass. He thought there was a black water pipe there, but when he walked in, he found out that it was a giant snake. Guo Nan began to fight with the giant snake. At first, Guo Nan caught the giant snake. The snake, but it was too heavy to drag and was entangled, he quickly called the staff to subdue the snake and sent it to the relevant unit for identification. It was found that the snake was a red-tailed boa, which belongs to China's second-class protected animal.

The serpent was later handed over to the relevant unit.

(Picture taken from Weibo)