It should be noted that Russian Telegram channels are spreading information that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have apparently reached Ridkodub in Donetsk region and practically surrounded Liman and Korovyachi Yar.

This information was commented on by the adviser of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Oleksiy Arestovych, in a conversation with the Russian oppositionist, lawyer and advocate Mark Feigin.

"We don't confirm until the General Staff says. Let's imagine that they reached Ridkodub, there Liman doesn't look much like an encirclement yet. When they reach Novolyubivka, for example, then there will be an encirclement. But they haven't reached yet - the Russian public also say. They just bypass it, they say.

In any case, we take it (Lyman - ed.), here we have to wait a few days and everything will be fine,

I think," said Arestovych.

It should be noted that on the evening of September 22, the leader of the "DNR" militants, Denys Pushylin, recorded a video message in which he reported on the difficult situation in the north of Donetsk region (Lyman), where the Armed Forces of Ukraine may launch a counteroffensive.

We will remind, according to military expert Oleh Zhdanov, it is in the Liman area that Russian fighters who are currently being mobilized in the Russian Federation may appear.

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