Mobilized Russians will join the ranks of mechanized and tank troops, some will become artillerymen.

This was reported by military expert Petro Chernyk in a comment on

"Mostly it will be infantry," says Petro Chernyk.


the videos that have appeared on the Internet

, in which Russians who do not look very sober are going to war, Chernyk answered as follows: "We are making a very serious mistake, trying to see some positive signs for us in their mess. Like, these soldiers will not be able to fight. This is a mistake. We try to look at them through the prism of training our soldier, who is a value for us. But

in Russia there is a different philosophy of attitude towards a soldier. For them, he is meat

that will serve a maximum of three battles and die. If a soldier even an alcoholic, he will be able to pick up a machine gun, two grenades and an RPG, after which he will go die. And while we destroy him, he will still fire a shot in our direction."

About the mobilization itself, Petro Chernyk says that, even at the start, it will not be successful.


Social tensions with exits on the square have begun.

Kilometer-long queues with an attempt to escape, air tickets bought a month in advance are a sign that a

social protest is beginning

," says Chernyk.

To the question of how best to prepare Ukraine for the "meeting" of those whom Putin sent to slaughter, the expert answered as follows: "As we prepared, we are preparing. I will say conditionally: three savages ran at us, and now there are six." 

We will remind you that the secret clause of the mobilization order 

refers to one million conscripts who are subject to "partial" mobilization.

 This was announced by former deputy of the Russian State Duma Ilya Ponomaryev.

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