A man surnamed Yang from Taichung City was driving home when his wife suddenly had difficulty breathing and lay in the passenger seat. Yang called 911 for help. The police quickly helped clear the way, and the couple arrived at the hospital within 5 minutes.

(Provided by Uri Police Station)

[Reporter Lin Minzhen / Taichung Report] A man surnamed Yang (59 years old) in Taichung City drove his wife, a woman surnamed Liu (57 years old), on his way home, from Changhua to Qingshui No. 74 Expressway, passing through the Wuri section, the wife suddenly breathed on the way Difficulty, feeling unwell in the passenger seat, Yang Nan quickly called 110 for help, the police rushed to the scene and found that Yang Nan's vehicle had exited. Arrived at Urilin New Hospital, and after being diagnosed by a doctor, he escaped the danger smoothly.

The Uri Police Station said that after Yang Nan anxiously reported the case at the time, he found that the speed of the expressway was very fast. If he stopped on the side of the road and waited for rescue, he was worried about the danger. He decided to go out and wait for the ambulance and the police car. When the couple saw that Liu's life was in danger, they turned on the flashing lights and sirens to help clear the way. Taking into account the speed of delivery to the hospital and the safety of the passage, they sent Liu to the hospital smoothly. The process only took 5 minutes.

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The Uri Police Station appeals to the informant to make good use of the Police Department's 110 video report APP system, which has functions such as locating the informant's location, taking pictures, and issuing warnings when the informant is not clear about the reporting location, road section and house number. Go to the scene for assistance and use this report system. If the mobile phone network connection is affected, you can call 110 to report the case.

After the woman surnamed Liu was sent to Wurilin New Hospital, she got out of danger after being diagnosed by a doctor.

(Provided by Uri Police Station)