Political movements from now on will change rapidly.

because it has begun to enter a new election mode

Various political parties will compete to create a stream of votes in every way.

Even the ruling coalition that used to be in harmony


Now, wielding swords and slashing each other every time

Clearly, the Democrat Party opened a war with the Bhumjaithai Party.

Even Khun Anutin Charnvirakul, the leader of the Pride Thai Party

Saying that they won't have to worry about each other again

If not the end of the government

Entering a new election mode, the draft of the Marijuana Act, hemp may not be reconciled by the council to review the new content.

By the way, both the coalition parties knew from the beginning how useful or harmful marijuana was.

But he did not dare to resist because he was afraid that the Naval State would collapse and lose power in his hands.

while the Pride Thai Party campaigned for the main policy

It must be fully pushed to achieve the image of the party that has said and done.

But is it good to do?

is it worth it

is another matter

Since today has started entering a new election mode.

I would like to invite readers to follow the policy presentations of each party.

Choose the policy you like.

look at future trends

Consider the possibilities and long-term effects.

Don't sell your dreams

I like travel

want to upgrade the infrastructure to support tourists

and spread to the sub-cities

to distribute income evenly

But at the same time, you have to follow global trends.

Catching tourists with heavy luggage

promote health tourism

including medical treatment, restoring health, prolonging life, reducing stress

For example, when the Pheu Thai Party organized the “Sabadchai

for Thais to come to the North" at Chiang Mai Province has launched a policy to turn the economy around.

One of them is to create Chiang Mai as the City of Wellness , a world-class health

tourism city .

It will promote upgrading the quality of hospitals, investing in the entire transport infrastructure.

to accommodate tourists

and prepare to enter

aging society

Set a target within 2 years to attract 2 times more tourists and increase revenue by 2 times or 200 billion baht.

Mr. Chakphon Tangsuthitham

MPs in Chiang Mai

Deputy Secretary-General of the Pheu Thai Party

announced on stage that

The health tourism market is growing and growing in size.

There is research indicating that

Elderly tourists visiting Chiang Mai

I went back and found that I was fully rested.

Get happiness in both physical and mental health

Moreover, Chiang Mai has been regarded as the city with the best public health system in the region.

It's a hidden strength.

If the Pheu Thai Party became a government

will draw strengths in both natural and public health

enter vision

Aiming to make Chiang Mai a leader in health tourism

Mr. Chakrapol said

What the Pheu Thai Party has to do is

Promote the quality of hospitals in Chiang Mai

There must be good and sufficient doctors and technology.

health promotion

"Old but not sick" Improve tourist attractions and facilities

Switzerland is a retiree's dream city with nature, air, health systems.

But Chiang Mai is ready as well.

and is available at a cheaper price

Chiang Mai has done well in cultural tourism.

Find a new market today.

Turning Opportunities for Chiang Mai and Thailand

It is a visionary policy announcement.

have an action plan

and easy communication

I believe that if the Pheu Thai Party is a government, it will push it to succeed.

Because Chiang Mai is considered the capital of the Pheu Thai Party.

Another thing I would like to see is

policy to reduce global warming

Build a low-carbon society

drive green economy

promote clean energy

Because the world is heading towards this trend.

Any country that can't keep up will be trade barriers. In the past, Mr. Warawut Silpa-archa, Minister of Natural Resources

The structure is well laid out.

We have to wait and see how much progress the Chart Thai Pattana Party will make in this policy.

Policies that are meaningful, useful, have a way of thinking, are sustainable.

will help the country develop

People's stomachs are full.