After consultations with the "Traffic Police" and the Municipal Traffic Safety Commission, the Crisis Staff decided to close the bridge over the Murtvitsa River on the road between the villages of Dabene and Voinyagovo, the Municipality announced.

It was assessed that the road needs further widening and strengthening, in order to safely pass buses, trucks and other large-sized equipment.

Meanwhile, PFC Levski 1914-Sofia and OFK Levski Karlovo will play a charity match on September 25 - Sunday, at 16:00 at Vasil Levski Stadium in Karlovo, with all proceeds from the match being donated to flood victims in the municipality.

Anyone can join the initiative by purchasing a virtual ticket "Together for Karlovo".

They are sold in the official store of PFK Levski, in the Eventim network and online.

In Karlovo, tickets will go on sale on September 23 - Friday, from 10:00 a.m. on "Gurko" Street - to the former Halls and at the ticket offices of the "Vasil Levski" stadium on September 25, from 2:30 p.m.

From 2:00 p.m. in the chamber hall of the "Vasil Levski - 1861" folk community center.

in Karlovo, a meeting of the club's management will be held in the person of Nasko Sirakov, Stanimir Stoilov, Ivaylo Ivkov and Daniel Borimirov with supporters.

The organizers PFC "Levski 1914" Sofia and the Municipality of Karlovo, as well as the ticket network Eventim, will provide all proceeds from the football match to the villages of Karlovo that suffered from the floods.

Karlovo Municipality organizes a DMS account for the flooded villages

We remind you that the Karlovo Municipal Council decided to create a Public Council for the management of donations to help the population affected by the floods on September 2.

The Chairman of the Public Council, Donyo Todorov, presented the report yesterday and explained that the Public Council is a temporarily acting body with the aim of ensuring openness, fairness and efficiency in the management of the collected donations.

In the meantime, in connection with inquiries received from residents of the village of Karavelovo, the Crisis Staff informs that a work schedule has been drawn up to repair the damage in the village, as follows:

- from September 20 to 25 - the square between the streets "Hristo Hristov", "1-vi Mai", "Gena Pavlova" and "Bistritsa" in the section from "G.

Dimitrov" to "Vl.


- from September 26 to October 3 - "Edelweiss" Street

- from October 3 to 10 - "Saedinenie" Street and the section between the street and the river

- from October 10 to 15 - "1st May" Street between "Vl.

Lenin" and Stremska St., Rosa St., Moskovska St.

- from October 15 to 25 - stadium

Minimal deviations from the schedule are possible, for which the population will be notified in a timely manner.