The Mazu hot air balloon made by the Tianhou Temple in Taitung will take off for the first time tomorrow night. At present, the Mazu publicity ball is displayed in the square in front of the temple.

(Reported by Huang Mingtang)

[Reporter Huang Mingtang / Taitung Report] Taitung Tianhou Temple will be held once every 12 years since September 20. The seven dynasties in Taitung City will pray for peace and cleanliness. The "Mazu Ball Hot Air Balloon Ball" will also be launched in the square in front of the temple at 8:00 p.m. for the past three days for all walks of life to enjoy.

The Tianhou Temple advocates vegetarianism in Taitung City for 3 days. Although it is not mandatory, most businesses have responded that the market may not be able to buy all kinds of meat products. Many shops that mainly supply meat food will be closed for these 3 days. A small number of people snapped up roast duck and other meat products, preparing to "steal eating" at home in the next 3 days!

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Thean Hou Temple said that last year, it planned and produced a Mazu-shaped hot air balloon together with the county government, which will be used for the lift-off during the seven dynasties praying for peace, and it will also be used as the theme ball for next year's hot air balloon carnival.

In the past few days, the miniature version of the Mazu propaganda ball will be unveiled at Tianhou Palace Square to warm up.