Tainan pig farm smells bad and people can't stand the smell teacher's judgment and fines

The odor of livestock is annoying, and the Nanshi Environmental Protection Bureau conducted inspections and odor sampling at night.

(Picture provided by Nanshi Environmental Protection Bureau)

[Reporter Cai Wenju/Tainan report] The odor of livestock is annoying. Two pig farms in Liuying District and Jiali District of Tainan City have an unpleasant smell.

The Nanshi Environmental Protection Bureau launched a special investigation on the Chenqing hot area. The odor concentration of the two pig farms was judged to be exceeding the standard by the smell smell teacher, and they will be fined between 100,000 yuan and 20 million yuan respectively according to the violation of the air pollution law.

According to the Environmental Protection Bureau, the Danongli pig farm in Liuying District, which currently raises about 500 pigs, has been repeatedly complained by residents because of its odor. Last year, the number of complaints was greatly reduced due to the active counseling and the cooperation of the operators.

However, the industry has not maintained continuous improvement. In addition to the lack of regular cleaning of livestock houses and proper removal of pig manure, there are also gaps in the operation frequency of air pollution control measures and equipment maintenance.

The sampled odor concentration reached 132, far exceeding the standard value of 50.

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The Environmental Protection Bureau said that another fined operator in Jiali District raised about 8,000 pigs. The operator piled up a large amount of pig manure in the composting area of ​​the farm. Although it was covered with iron sheets, the airtightness was not ideal.

In addition, the industry is used to cleaning the pig house only in the morning, and pig manure accumulates in the afternoon and night.

A dual factor contributes to increased nighttime odor concentrations.

The odor concentration is 74, which is beyond the norm.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, livestock odors are mostly reported at night. In order to find out the culprits, inspections and odor sampling are arranged in the middle of the night. The odor smellers continue to smell the odor the next morning. At least 6 odor smellers are called for each odor operation. The whole process consumes a lot of time and manpower.

Environmental Protection Director Xie Shijie said that punishment is only a means. To improve the odor of livestock, it is necessary to improve the source of the industry, and to clean and install the animal house and implement various preventive measures to effectively reduce the annoying odor.

If the public finds any pollution, please report to the Environmental Protection Bureau immediately.

The EPA will dispatch personnel to deal with it as quickly as possible.