What a day today is in Ukraine and the world

September 21 -

Day of Peace in Ukraine


International Day of Peace


The establishment of the International Day of Peace had nothing to do with any war.

The idea of ​​creating a holiday was proposed by Great Britain and Costa Rica.

The latter country has an interesting history - since 1948 there has been no regular army there.

So in 1981, on the initiative of these two states, the UN General Assembly declared every third Wednesday the International Day of Peace.

The holiday was celebrated for the first time in 1982.

In support of the decision of the UN General Assembly in February 2002, Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma signed a decree on the establishment of Peace Day in Ukraine, which coincides with the international event.

Also, September 21 is

HR Manager Day


The professional holiday falls on the third Wednesday of September every year.

The prefix HR stands for "human resources".

The first professions, which are similar to the modern ones, appeared as early as 1835.

A personnel manager is a special employee who must understand the search and selection of an employee for the company.

And September 21 is

Chernihiv City Day


This is an ancient city, the first mentions of which date back to 907.

Chernihiv is mentioned in the "Tale of Temporary Years".

Then Prince Oleg conquered the northerners on Desna.

However, there is evidence that the first settlements on this territory arose as early as the 2nd century BC.

September 21 -

Day of European Cooperation


This holiday is also called EU Day.

Europe is a mixture of different cultures, economies, languages ​​and values.

Therefore, it is very important for Europeans to understand each other.

The holiday is supported by the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European Committee of the Regions.

Also, September 21 is

Zero Emissions Day


The main purpose of the holiday is to draw attention to the problem of pollution of the atmosphere of our planet.

This ecological holiday was proposed to be created in Canada at the end of the 80s of the last century.

And in 2008, the USA launched a website with the motto "Give the planet one day off a year."

The resource suggested setting aside one day when emissions are prohibited.

And September 21 is

Mini-Golf Day


The holiday began its history in the 19th century.

Mini golf was invented so that women could get involved in the sport because in Victorian-era Scotland, women were not allowed to lift the club above shoulder level.

The first version of mini golf took place in 1867.

It was created in St. Andrews.

Over time, the game has changed a bit.

September 21 -

World Thanksgiving Day


The holiday was first celebrated in Hawaii in 1965.

Then, at the international meeting, they decided to set aside one day a year to officially express gratitude for all the beautiful things in life.

September 21 is also

International Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Day


This is one of the varieties of senile dementia, which can be observed in people over 65 years old.

The disease is characterized by memory loss, slowing down of mental activity, impaired speech and the inability to build logical chains.

What a church holiday today, September 21

September 21 - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary / Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

September 21 in the church calendar is the

Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos.

This holiday began to be celebrated in the 4th century.

The Virgin Mary came from a high family of priests.

The father of the Holy Mother of God, Joakim, was from the royal family of Judah.

Mary's birth was a real miracle because her parents were barren.

Joachim and his wife Anna prayed for a long time that God would give them a child.

One day an angel appeared and said that a girl would be born to them, who would be called Maria. 

Name day: how to name a child born on September 21

What are today's name days:

Ivan, George, Mary.

The talisman of a person born on September 21 is



This stone was valued even in Antiquity.

Alexander the Great himself wore it on his belt because he considered it a symbol of talent.

Chrysoprite is a semi-precious stone.

It is a type of quartz.

Born on this day:

  • 1885 — Ukrainian composer, pianist Thomas de Hartmann;

  • 1965 — Ukrainian biathlete, Olympic Games participant Valentyn Dzyma;

  • 1984 - Ukrainian politician and public figure, People's Deputy of Ukraine of the 8th convocation Ihor Artyushenko.

What can not be done on this day

  • Do not wear old shoes on September 21.

  • Men are not allowed to swear at women and insult them.

  • Not allowed to work.

  • Pregnant women should not sleep on dirty linen on September 21.

Folk signs and traditions for September 21

Among our ancestors there were many interesting signs to this day: 

  • looked at what day it is today: if there are a lot of cobwebs on the trees - it will be warm;

  • frost in the morning - wait for cooling;

  • many holes are dug by moles - it will be an early winter.

September 21 was popularly called Osenyn, Spozhynka.

This holiday marked the end of harvesting for our ancestors.

The more the harvest was harvested, the more days the celebrations lasted.

Weather for today, September 21

Today, September 21, it is gloomy in Kyiv, without significant precipitation.

It is gloomy in Lviv, without precipitation.

The weather is gloomy in Kharkiv, significant precipitation is not expected.

In Odesa, the weather is cloudy, without precipitation.

The air temperature in Kyiv is +18 during the day and +10 at night.

In Lviv it is +17 during the day and +9 at night.

In Kharkiv +21 during the day and +10 at night.

In Odesa, it is +21 during the day and +13 at night.

Commemorative dates of September 21

Calendar of important events in Ukraine and the world for September 21:

  • 1922 - American President Warren Harding supports the idea of ​​creating a Jewish state in Palestine;

  • 1933 - the trial of communists accused of setting fire to the Reichstag begins in Leipzig;

  • 1940 — in London, a decision is made to use the subway as a bomb shelter;

  • 1940 — the Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater was opened;

  • 1991 — at the referendum, 99% of voters voted for the independence of Armenia;

  • 1998 - a recording of the interrogation of US President Bill Clinton in the case of Monica Lewinsky is shown on American television;

  • 2000 - American singer Barbra Streisand announces that she is leaving the stage;

  • 2019 — the Ukrainian festival "Comic Con Ukraine 2019" starts in Kyiv.