War criminals who terrorized and killed


citizens and destroyed Ukrainian infrastructure will be brought to justice.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz assured this in his address to the UN General Assembly in New York, CNN reports.

"We must pay attention and take action on the fact that Russia is committing war crimes in Mariupol, Buchi and Irpin. We will bring the murderers to justice," said Scholz and continued,

"Putin will give up his war and his imperialist ambitions only if will realize that he cannot win.

That is why we will not accept a peace dictated by Russia, and we will not accept any sham referendums."

The Chancellor of Germany also emphasized his country's support for Ukraine.

"We support Ukraine with all our strength - financially, economically, with humanitarian aid, as well as with weapons. Together with our partners around the world, we have introduced tough economic sanctions against the Russian leadership and the Russian economy," added Scholz.

The German leader also denied false claims that the sanctions caused a delay in any grain deliveries to Ukraine.

"Not a single bag of grain was detained due to these sanctions. Only Russia prevented Ukrainian grain ships from going to sea, bombed ports and destroyed agricultural enterprises," he added.

It will be recalled that 

Duda compared Putin to Stalin and reminded of the Holodomor.

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