Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Wednesday that he is preparing to send some more of his troops to Ukraine, amid Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian army is facing the counterattack of Ukraine these days.

Ukraine claimed that it had snatched back a large area from Russia in the past.

In a televised speech, Putin said he wanted to protect Russia and its borders by sending its 2 million-strong military reserve to Ukraine,

according to Reuters .

He claimed that Western countries want to destroy Russia and do not want peace in Ukraine.  

"In order to protect our homeland, its sovereignty, I think it is necessary to support the General Staff's decision to send some more troops," Putin said.  

Putin once again said his goal was to "liberate" the Donbass industrial region in eastern Ukraine because most people in that region do not want to return to Ukraine. 

Putin said Western countries are blackmailing nuclear power, but Russia has "many weapons" to respond to and should not be taken lightly.