As Olya Polyakova


in "Breakfast with 1+1", she is currently in London, where she came with her daughters Masha and Alisa.

The coach of "Voice of the Country-12" said that she came to settle the children in a dormitory, because 17-year-old Masha entered a British university, and 10-year-old Alisa will from now on be there in a full-cycle school.

Olya Polyakova with her daughter in London / Photo:

Olya Polyakova with her daughter in London / Photo:

Polyakova shared that it was a difficult decision for her to send her youngest daughter to study abroad, because she tried to do it much later.

Olya Polyakova with her daughter in London / Photo:

"She is still young and, to be honest, she never wanted to study abroad. But the war decided otherwise. And I would really like to address Ukrainian mothers in hot spots, where bombs really fly. I am asking you, girls, take the children somewhere -anything. It's hard abroad, but still there is help, they accept it," the singer shared.

Also, in "Breakfast with 1+1", Polyakova unexpectedly admitted that, considering their stay in London, they decided to visit the farewell ceremony with Queen Elizabeth II.

As you know, about 2 million people were waiting on the streets of London to honor the Queen's memory.

And the Polyakov family was among them.

Olya added: "This is such a historical event, 70 years of the reign of Elizabeth II. Without exaggeration, the era, the girls and I were watching a series about the royal family, so we decided to visit."

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