Thus, Anna Borysyuk , the daughter of

Olga Sumska


Vitaly Borysyuk

, told the ZhVL program

that her school years were not as optimistic as she would have liked.

The girl experienced firsthand what bullying by classmates is like.

The star status of her family was evident.

"Your parents will do anything for you. They have such a bright career. And here you are among us. We are such ordinary mortals. Why aren't you in some private school? Why aren't they paying for you? I can sometimes cry about it now, let me shed a tear . It's hard, of course, but many go through it," Anna commented.

Olga Sumska and Vitaly Borysyuk with their daughter Anna / Photo:

Anya shared her worries from time to time except with her older sister Tonya, the daughter of Olga Sumska from her previous marriage with Yevhen Paperny.

He and his sister lived in the same room and were really close.

"She inspired me very, very much. Even when she was developing something in the room, painting. She has a diploma in art history. I took it so crazy!"

Anna shared.

So the move of her beloved sister to Moscow, where she studied and later got married, for 9-year-old Ania was not happy, but rather sad news.

"It was very painful to say goodbye to her. Realizing that that's all. Then you're on your own. I remember how I ran out into the street when she flew to Moscow in the morning. I ran out in my pajamas: "Tonya, stay!". I don't want to ", Borysiuk recalls.

Olga Sumska with daughters Anna and Tonya / Photo:

Today, Tonya continues to live in Moscow and is silent about the war in Ukraine.

Her mother, Olya Sumska, comes to her daughter's defense.

According to the star, Paperna cannot do otherwise - she is afraid to express her opinion publicly, because she has a husband and two children in the aggressor country, where there is no freedom of speech.

Anya does not dare to criticize her own blood, although she does not hide it - she misses her sister.

"Now I don't have enough of her attention, some warm word. I want to be close people and keep it forever. Help each other. And be happy, at least," Anya shared.

Olga Sumska with daughters Anna and Tonya / Photo:

Hannusya has been studying at Karpenko-Kary University for three years.

It was in the one that Olga Sumska graduated from.

Here she finally had real friends.

But she doesn't have a boyfriend yet.

Moreover, she never started a serious relationship.

Presumably, due to an unfortunate experience when she went on a failed first date as a minor. 

"It was the eighth grade. And it's not the most pleasant memory. As they say now, it's a nightmare. There was nothing to talk about. I just wanted to go home as soon as possible," Borysiuk recalled.

And the next day, this guy started making fun of the shy girl in public. 

"You're all so artificial, you don't know, you need to change... Of course, it was difficult. And it affected everything. I don't know what you can get by falling in love. Maybe it will get easier. But who can promise me that," - Anya shared her thoughts.

The girl admits that the star mother is already worried that her 19-year-old daughter still does not meet boys.

But first, the girl wants to realize herself in her career.

And most of all, she wants to stop being associated with her famous mother in the future.

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