The term "partial mobilization" should not be misleading.

It's just that the Russian military machine is not able to "assimilate" more than 300,000 "bayonets".

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Shaigu named the plan: 300,000 people

Mobilizations are accompanied by referendums on joining the Russian Federation "LDNR", as well as occupied parts of the Kherson and Zaporizhia regions.

Moreover, according to preliminary information, they are held feverishly for 3 days.

The Russian authorities are not trying to arrange even some imitation of a democratic procedure.

After all, how can you actually prepare a referendum in three days?

This means that now the Kremlin does not care at all how its actions look from the outside.

For a long time, the official representatives of the Russian Federation assured that, as they say, everything is going according to plan, everything is fine, and it was planned.

But Ukraine's counteroffensive changed everything.

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In Russia, a general protest against the mobilization announced by Putin was announced

The very fact of mobilization and absolute profanation with referendums means that the Kremlin admits: the "special operation" has failed, all the original plans have collapsed.

It is necessary to proceed to emergency measures.

Mobilization means that Russia is in a state of war, although this term is not used.

And this is a rather sharp turn in terms of perception of the situation by public consciousness.

Mobilization in Russia means the escalation of the war in Ukraine and the aggravation of Russia's conflict with the West with all possible consequences, including the use of nuclear weapons.

What consequences will mobilization in Russia have for Belarus?

Discussion of experts What consequences will mobilization in Russia have for Belarus?

Discussion of experts

Judging by yesterday's rhetoric of Lukashenka during his meeting with State Secretary of the Security Council Alexander Valfovich, he knew about these plans of Putin.

And his statements were, so to speak, preventive in nature.

In the sense that, they say, we are together with Russia, we have a single defense space, a single army, etc.

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What are the possible consequences for Belarus of Moscow's latest decisions?

  • 1. Escalation of Russia's conflict with Ukraine and the West in one way or another will inevitably and adversely affect Belarus.

    This is bad news for Belarusians.

  • 2. The status of the only ally of Russia greatly complicates the situation of Belarus.

    The rut turns into a swamp, which drags the country deeper and deeper.

  • 3. Lukashenka will have to make more efforts to demonstrate military support for Russia.

    Militaristic games, which Belarus has been involved in since the beginning of the year, will gain new momentum.

  • 4. The Russian military presence in Belarus will increase.

    A new campaign on Kyiv from Belarusian territory cannot be ruled out.

  • 5. The participation of the Belarusian military in hostilities in Ukraine is still unlikely.

    Because the Belarusian society perceives it very negatively.

  • 6. All possible intentions to thaw relations with the West, which were discussed in connection with the announced amnesty, are thrown aside.

  • 7. Political repression will get a new impetus.

    War justifies everything.

  • 8. The public mood of Belarusians will become even more depressed.

    Emigration from Belarus will increase.

    People are afraid that mobilization will start here, and will try to avoid it.

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