DPP Secretary-General Lim Sik Yew-chung often talks about the controversy over Zhang Shanzheng and Gao Hongan's dissertation, saying that DPP candidates are always tested by higher standards.

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[Reporter Chen Yun/Taipei Report] Gao Hongan, a candidate and legislator for the Hsinchu mayoral candidate of the People’s Party, was exposed by the media that his doctoral thesis involved plagiarizing the financial planning plan and added references afterwards. Not to mention, our Normal University also entered the top of the list, not like Chung Hwa University's night department, but also to do irrigation for master's degree at National Taiwan University", which caused controversy; according to reports, DPP Secretary-General Lin Xiyao mentioned Zhang Shanzheng and Gao Hongan at the regular meeting this afternoon. In his dissertation, he argued that DPP candidates were always tested to a higher standard, and that if they had met the same standards, their degrees would have been cancelled long ago.

According to reports, Lin Xiyao mentioned in the meeting that there have been many questions about Zhang Shanzheng and Gao Hongan recently, but the candidates of the DPP are always subject to relatively high standards. If their standards were followed, their degrees would have been cancelled long ago; Lin Xiyao It was also mentioned that Gao Hongan discriminated against other people's academic qualifications with an arrogant attitude, which showed that this person had great problems with his personality and mentality.

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DPP spokesperson Huang Cailing also criticized Gao Hongan's revision of the thesis 4 years after graduation, which is clearly a sign of guilty conscience. Do you remember to wipe your mouth?

She also questioned that Gao Hongan took the state subsidy to go to the United States and took the opportunity to study for a doctorate. However, according to media reports, Gao Hongan was intensively paving the way for her next step as early as six months before graduation, and privately signed employment contracts with private enterprises. , Is it possible for candidates who use the country as a tool to serve the people wholeheartedly?

Huang Cailing further pointed out that Chen Shifen, a professor living in the United States under the online pseudonym "Weng Darui", began to question Gao Hongan's doctoral dissertation on his Facebook several times since September last year, and pointed out that there was plagiarism. Going to the Taipei District Prosecutor's Office to file a complaint against Weng Dari, people can't help but question whether the papers that have entered the judicial process can still be processed?

No suspicion of forgery?

In the end, Huang Cailing emphasized that Gao Hongan boasted that he had graduated from National Taiwan University and looked down on the remarks of the night club of Chung Hwa University. It was the true election that was inhumane.

The representative of public opinion, who should speak for the people, is so arrogant, how can it be expected that the mayor will be able to respond to the needs of the people?

I believe that the wise citizens of Hsinchu will see it.