The seizure of power of the Thaksin Shinawatra government on 19 September 2006 by Gen. Sonthi Boonyaratklin, former commander-in-chief of the Royal Thai Army, has been reviewed again.

to the coming of power from the military government in the past to the present

Harmony between the army and the people

There seems to be a gap in the management of the country.

especially the issue of the economy and the lack of true political friends.

From the lessons of the government's seizure of power, Suchinda Kraprayoon and the crisis

Tamil May politics in 1992, when used as a blueprint for the seizure of power and succession in 2014, Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha and his delegation were able to win 8 years of civil war despite having written a constitution.

More protected than an egg in a stone

but it is inevitable

The constitution's trap is possible to think too deeply.

of the constitution

turned into a sword and slashed his own throat

There are also unforeseen factors such as the COVID-19 epidemic.

The global economic crisis was ravaged by the Russo-Ukrainian war, leading to an energy crisis.

Made a well-drafted blueprint.

no longer meets targeted needs

The political factor that must be met unexpectedly is that Pheu Thai can't kill.

The more you hit, the bigger

There is still a new roadblock.

who do not think that it will meet the needs of the new generation, the current generation faster than expected, that is, a step forward, sticky leather type

crowded fans

The more it is, the more it breaks into branches.

The last stage is the downward leadership problem.

In no more than 5-6 months, the elections will be held.

Will rely on the former coalition government, Phalang Pracharath, Pride Thai, Democrat, Chartthaipattana, from the current political trend that pours over the opposition every time there is an election or local election.

It is enough to assess that

In the next government, it will not be more than 250, of course, if it is not possible to combine, it cannot form a government.

can't set up a government

had to go to the opposition

Therefore, if it is the leader of the government or will continue to inherit power

had to bring in the opposite party as well

must draw the enemy as a friend

the problem is that

Will the enemy be a friend or not?

when it was announced that

one side is democratic

The other party is the succession of dictatorship.

Let's kiss each other's lips. The villagers must have changed from flowers to bricks.

Assuming to invite Puea Thai to come and live with him, at least he doesn't have a name.

Gen. Prayut, Gen. Prawit or Gen. Anupong, will be the leader, will answer difficult questions in society and invite him to join the government, even more.

A fish in a water, a tiger in a cave

Even going too far to join with Puea Thai is difficult to say.

What is it that competitors will give as partners?

The part with the news that

Go a step further to support Chureephon Sinthuprai, who is on the government's side for elections to fix the Roi Et Provincial Administrative Organization, turning it into a film for each roll.

Stepping forward and rejecting party members who help is a personal matter (or not) because in the end, politics can be won with eyes closed only by the voice of the House of Representatives. The crisis of the country, the political crisis is right here.

compete in quantity

The MPs can't step up and they're stuck.

Iron fist