On the 21st, the Democratic Progressive Party Group of the Legislative Yuan held a press conference on "Gao Hong'an blatantly lied!

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[Reporter Chen Zhengyu/Taipei Report] Gao Hongan, a candidate for the mayoral election of Hsinchu from the People's Party, was accused of plagiarizing a journal published in 2017 with other researchers from the Institute of Information Technology, without obtaining the authorization of the Institute for Information Technology.

The Legislative Yuan's Democratic Progressive Party Group today cited Xin Da's clear rules on self-plagiarism, and the Information Policy Association's contract also states the attribution and application of research results.

The Democratic Progressive Party Group held a press conference today on "Stealing Eating and Wiping His Mouth Was Caught, Gao Hong'an Openly Lied! Stealing the thesis in an attempt to turn the fake into the real". For the paper of 2009, the reference number 64 of the citations to the journal was added on September 17 this year, but the format was significantly different from the previous one; in addition, Xie Zhi of Gao Hongan’s paper also added a thank you to Zice on September 17. Yes, the original version did not mention a word, and the text and contract requirements were exactly the same, which means that Gao Hongan was fully aware of these research norms and knew that he had done something wrong, but he was guilty and did not inform everyone about the process.

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Regarding Gao Hongan's endorsement of the University of Cincinnati's reply letter, saying that "for graduate schools, there is no definition of self-plagiarism", Huang Shijie directly asked "how is it possible", and he took out the Cincinnati Student Code of Conduct to clearly regulate plagiarism The definition of plagiarism includes submitting a work co-authored by others as your own original work without the written consent of the other co-creators, which is considered plagiarism; furthermore, submitting a work written in the past without any modification or guidance It is also plagiarism if the professor allows it to be handed over.

"There are 2 versions of Gao Hongan's paper. Which version did the oral test take? Does the oral test committee know about this?" Huang Shijie questioned. The problem is that the flaws in the academic process are not irreparable, but the flaws in the past should be honestly faced.

Gao Hongan also claimed that she was not allowed to revise and upload without permission, "Then who helped you to change it? Did you really write your thesis yourself? Please explain clearly to Gao Hongan."

Regarding the ownership and application of the research results of the Information Policy Association, Huang Shijie also provided a contract to explain that the research and development results of this research belong to the state and the Information Policy Association. A copy of the published information should be given to Party A, and the published information should be marked with a description such as "This research is carried out in accordance with a plan of the Information Industry Promotion Association of the Ministry of Economic Affairs."

Of course, Gao Hong's first author made great contributions, but he shouldn't be arrogant afterward.

Lin Chuyin, deputy secretary-general of the party group who was born in the media, said that Gao Hongan should have a certain respect for the media, and reporters should report content with real evidence, while the People's Party emphasized the need for freedom of speech, but questioned the motives of the media's reporting, and led the way to harm reporters. Meat Sou, this is not the performance of a candidate who wants to challenge the position of mayor. Whether the future election will in turn fix the councillors during the questioning, this is not what the citizens want to see.

Regarding Gao Hongan's claim that it is not that she can revise and upload the paper, Lin Chuyin asked, so who can change it?

If it is not the party involved, how can outsiders change it?

The people who have changed are really amazing.

Call on Gao Hongan not to use emotional words, this may be the strongest paper in the 2022 election, Rashomon, and the truth depends on the mayoral candidate chosen by the citizens of Hsinchu.