Gao Hong Anzhan's Green Committee of Education Reverses "Ke Wenzhe 2.0": Don't Step on Others to Elevate Yourself

The DPP legislature held a press conference on the 21st on the 21st, "Gao Hong'an blatantly lied!"

(Photo by reporter Luo Peide)

[Reporter Chen Zhengyu/Taipei Report] Gao Hongan, a candidate for the mayoral election of Hsinchu from the People's Party, said that "it's not like the night club of Chung Wah University, so I have to do a master's irrigation program at National Taiwan University", causing a public outcry.

In this regard, the DPP group of the Legislative Yuan criticized today (21st) that Gao Hongan contemptuously treats people with different economic conditions and academic abilities, not to mention that Chung Hwa University is still in her constituency. This arrogant and stubborn attitude is like "Ke Wenzhe 2.0", To elevate yourself, do not step on others.

The Democratic Progressive Party group held a press conference today on "I was caught stealing and wiping my mouth, Gao Hongan blatantly lied! Stealingly changed the thesis in an attempt to turn the fake into the real" press conference. Regarding Gao Hongan's self-clearing thesis, Huang Shijie, deputy secretary-general of the party group, said that Gao Hongan used to cover up his acting. Instead of confronting his mistakes head-on, he dealt with it politically and asked, "Do you believe in the school or the media?" He was also a student at National Taiwan University in the past, and he would never say "trust in National Taiwan University". National Taiwan University students are pursuing truth and academics, because they may also make mistakes, and what society wants is evidence in black and white.

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Huang Shijie pointed out that Gao Hongan had a very high attitude at the press conference yesterday, "I don't know what I'm doing? If the paper is all right, it will not be exposed."

Wu Yuqin, deputy secretary of the party group, criticized that Gao Hongan wanted to say how good he was, and he didn’t have to lift himself up and step on others, and said such frivolous words. Many students who need to work part-time to pay their student loans in the process of studying, but Gao It is not advisable to deny the efforts of these people. Such an arrogant and arrogant attitude is very similar to "Ke Wenzhe 2.0".

Regarding Gao Hongan's apology, Wu Yuqin said that she only called the words inaccurate, but did not see reflection and sincerity. Gao Hongan should be more warm, empathetic, and considerate of these students who could not be so smooth in their study process. Take them to elevate their achievements.

Lin Jingyi, deputy secretary-general of the party group, said that Gao Hongan's contemptuous attitude deliberately looked down on the students in the evening department of Zhonghua University, but this university that trains young people is in her constituency. What kind of mentality is this?

This is a bad example of politicians.

Lin Jingyi said that Gao Hongan is indeed very good in education, but education is only part of it. In essence, how to be a political figure is more important. With such a contemptuous and contemptuous attitude towards people with different economic status and academic ability, how can he be a parental official?

Gao Hongan was born in a family with resources, and went to school all the way. This is cultivated by the state's resources, and the state's resources are supported by these people who may not be able to study in college and work hard to pay taxes.