Biden delivered a speech at the United Nations General Assembly, discussing issues such as the Ukraine-Russia conflict and the Taiwan Strait.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] U.S. President Biden delivered a nearly half-hour speech at the United Nations General Assembly on the 21st. In addition to focusing on the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, he also talked about competition with China and the situation in the Taiwan Strait, reiterating that the United States seeks peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and opposes Either side changes the status quo unilaterally.

Biden mentioned the competition between the United States and China in his speech, "The United States will consider itself a rational leader, we do not seek conflict, we do not seek a cold war, and we will not ask other countries to choose between the United States and other countries. The United States Regardless of honor or disgrace, we will promote a free, open, secure and prosperous world in our eyes.”

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Biden stressed that the United States will work diplomatically to reach peaceful resolutions for conflicts around the world, "We seek peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. We value the commitment of the one-China policy, which has allowed us to avoid conflicts for 40 years. We also We oppose any one-sided change of the status quo.”

In a recent interview with the media, Biden responded affirmatively to questions such as "Whether the U.S. military will defend Taiwan once China invades Taiwan by force?"

This is the fourth time Biden has put forward the expression "protecting Taiwan" since last year, and it is also the first time since the US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan.