The Mountain Rescue Service (MSS) of the Bulgarian Red Cross (BRC) warns that accidents involving tourists in the mountains are increasing. 

In the past three weeks, the mountain rescuers have conducted 19 actions, 7 of which were within just 3 days.

Most often, actions were realized in the region of the Seven Rila Lakes and in the Vitosha and Pirin mountains.

138 are the rescue actions since the beginning of the year, and for the same period last year their number was 129, the organization reports.

The main causes of accidents are that people underestimate the conditions on the mountain and overestimate their own capabilities.

Among them are the lack of mountaineering culture and inappropriate equipment.

For this reason, the mountain rescuers remind again of the most important things before a walk or hike in the mountains: 

-Plan before you go!

Study the route carefully.

-Consider your equipment, experience and capabilities against the route.

-Check the weather forecast before you go.

-Learn basic first aid skills.

-Walking alone in the mountains leads to serious risks!

Avoid it.

-Before you leave, inform someone about your route.

-Save your phone battery.

-Upload the PSS mobile application to your phone.

-Take sugary foods that quickly restore energy.

-In warm weather, dehydration is a serious problem.

Bring water.

-Regardless of the conditions, carry a whistle and spare batteries.

-If you have a serious problem and need help, keep calm!

Call for help at 112 and send an SMS with your coordinates via the PSS mobile application.

-Get mountain insurance.