Just a few days ago.

I sat and read the semi-public relations article of the Ministry of Culture in the Thai Rath newspaper... I felt admiration after reading it.

Please allow me to expand on today.

I read it and felt proud.

because I didn't realize that

Ministry of Culture

Which used to be the old ministry of Thailand when I was a child.

but was disbanded as I grew up.

by throwing almost all of the work to the Ministry of Education

You will develop yourself so quickly.

Recall that after being dissolved in 1958

, 44 years later, in 2002, it was reborn as a

Ministry of Culture

one more time

by being assigned to perform similar duties in the old era

It is to conserve and supervise so that our Thai arts and culture in every aspect will stay with Thailand for as long as possible.

But only 20 years later, by this year 2022, the Ministry of Culture has become a modern, modern ministry that has developed incredibly.

Transformation from the Ministry of "Social" one hundred percent

become a ministry



Adjusting the new vision, turning to use culture and creativity in accordance with the policy of using "Soft Power" or "Mutual Lam" as a tool for serious development of the country

The current Minister, Itthipol Khunpluem, gave an interview in this report that

The ministry has been closely involved in pushing for the cultural industry with the “5 F potential” known as the “5 F”: food, fashion, film, arts and crafts. Fighting / Muay Thai (Fighting), and traditional festivals

(Festival)... until very successful.

It has been assessed that

cultural products and creative industries

can generate income up to 1.45 trillion baht per year or 8.9 percent of GDP

Only Thai food exports are worth more than 1.1 trillion baht, which is ranked 13th in the world.

While the value of Thai fabrics is higher than 8.5 billion baht, Thai cultural products and Thai community products are about 700 million baht, etc.

Seeing the numbers quoted as these examples makes me happy.

In addition to 5 F cultural products, there is another product known as the content industry, which can generate approximately 200 billion baht per year ... the highest number in ASEAN ever.

Of course, all the value generated comes from the strong cooperation of the government, private sector and people from all sectors...Ministry of Culture.

It is only part of this movement, but because the Ministry of Culture has “old prestige” or “old works”, which is an excellent preservation of the nation's arts and culture.

When the time comes when the nation comes together to use the Soft Power policy as a selling point...so it can be sold and sold well.

Because of the cultural products or raw materials that we keep as well.

certificate of pride

This is a guarantee that our "smooth power" is not defeated by anyone in this world.

Based on the results of a survey of many world-renowned magazines.

According to US News, Thailand is the seventh richest country in the world for cultural heritage, while CEO World magazine lists Thailand as the fifth richest in the world for cultural influence.

As for the announcement of the scores of the Global Soft Power Index 2022, we are actually ranked 35, but if you think of all 120 countries around the world that they surveyed, we must be considered among the top.

And there is still a chance to score higher again.

Personally, I'm someone who likes soft or delicate things.

Therefore, I would like to thank the Ministry of Culture for conserving and promoting the arts.

The culture of our nation has always been good.

until the era that will bring income

Therefore, it is quite successful as such.

But I would like to continue to strive to develop, promote, maintain and continue to improve. Let's bring our Soft Power Index up to the Top 20 for you, Minister Influence.