Thus, in connection with Putin's decision in the morning, the "Spring" movement announced an all-Russian action called "No Mogilization!".

Activists called on the country's residents to go to the central streets of Russian cities today, September 21, at 19:00.

"Thousands of Russian men - our fathers, brothers and husbands - will be thrown into the meat grinder of war.

Why will they die?

Why would mothers and children shed tears?

For Putin's palace?

Now the war will truly come to every house and every family," said the "Viasna" report.

It is noted that the organizers will announce the locations of the actions in Moscow and St. Petersburg later.

The news of the partial mobilization immediately caused a reaction in Masbirzhi.

At the opening of trading, the index fell to the value of 2,002.73 points, which is 9.61% lower than the closing of the previous trading session.

Also, a few minutes after Putin's speech, Russians sold out all the direct tickets for September 21 to Istanbul, Tbilisi and Yerevan, noted the "Verstka" telegram channel.