Military expert Petro Chernyk explained how Putin's announced partial mobilization in the Russian Federation will affect the situation at the front.

He told about this in a comment


Yes, Chernyk said that this will

complicate the situation at the front for Ukraine


"It will make life more difficult for us. Undoubtedly, because there will be tens of thousands of new Russian citizens who will go to fight for the "family". We must realize that every person armed with a machine gun and a few grenades is a unit that must be destroyed. Their human resources multiply higher than ours," he stressed.

The expert also noted that the Armed Forces currently have a strategic initiative only because they fight with intelligence and high-quality equipment.

However, no one dismissed the quantitative potential, added Chernyk.

We will remind you that on September 21, dictator Vladimir Putin

announced a partial mobilization in Russia

 and signed a corresponding decree.

"It applies only to those who are in the reserve and who have served in the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, have certain military accounting specialties and relevant experience... Mobilization measures in the Russian Federation will begin today," the head of the Kremlin said.

Earlier, the expert explained why the 

announcement of general mobilization in Russia

 would be a significant blow to Putin's regime.

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