In the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, a few dozen demonstrators protested against the announcement of mobilization in the country.

However, it was not without embarrassment.

Three supporters of Russia's aggression also came to the rally.

Two young guys were dressed in sweaters with the inscription "Army of Russia".

"We're not fools. We'll all go and defend Russia. Fuck us. I'm going to Ukraine tomorrow," one of them says to the camera.

The video shows that "Z" fans had a good drink.

However, the Russian security forces, who began to detain protesters en masse, did not want to understand who was their own and who was someone else's.

As a result, the drunken "Z-patriots" were detained and forcibly taken to the car park.

We will remind you that today, September 21, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization in Russia.


Russians began to take part in the first protests

 against the mobilization, but the demonstrators were quickly dispersed by security forces.

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