Prince Harry appeared to be deep in thought

The British royal family and more than 2000 mourners gathered at Westminster Abbey for


Elizabeth's funeral

after the death of Queen Elizabeth


He paid tribute to the Queen with the national anthem, 'God Save the King'.

But some sharp-eyed people said that

Prince Harry

did not sing the national anthem with the rest of the royal family.

The clip has gone viral on Twitter and other social media, in which it seems that Prince Harry is not singing the national anthem. 

Prince Harry not singing the national anthem

— Kieran (@kierknobody) September 19, 2022

It shows the Duke of Sussex looking around and not speaking the words of the national anthem incessantly.

His behavior has sparked a debate on the internet.

Several Twitter users are accusing Prince Harry of being "disrespectful". 

While sharing the post, a user wrote.

Prince Harry did not sing the national anthem.

While some condemned Prince Harry's actions in the comment section, some were also seen defending Prince Harry and said that they can see Prince Harry singing the national anthem."   

One user wrote, I don't know who to listen to. is needed, but it now applies to the king as well." 

One user wrote in the comment section of the post, "Give them a chance, it's changed since the last time they sang. They haven't learned new words yet." 

While another user wrote, I can see Harry's lips moving.

He was not singing in any karaoke, but clearly "qui" was about to come out of his mouth but then he fell silent.

you are hated" 

A third user commented.

Edward wasn't even singing.

I think when you are emotional, sometimes it becomes very difficult for you to sing."

Harry sat behind his father's King Charles III and Queen Consort and his stepmother Camilla.

His wife Meghan Markle was sitting next to Harry during the entire service.