Annually smashing 500,000 to stop protesting cars to eat red singles

The owner of the car has been issued 11 tickets for more than a month, and he put all the tickets on the protest car to express his dissatisfaction.

(Photo by reporter Wang Jie)

Car hanging to protest cloth curtain parking area

Can be removed by law after more than three days

[Reporter Wang Jie/Tainan Report] There are four protest cars in Tainan, which are dubbed by local people as one of the "Top Ten Legends of Tainan". Parking in the Central and Western District, where the demand for parking spaces is high, but Tainan City Autonomous Regulations stipulate that the parking space can only be parked for three days, and the car owner can move from time to time for this reason. The monitor reported that 11 tickets had been issued a few days ago. Unexpectedly, the owner of the car was not easy, so he simply hired a strong man to carry out a "human cart", changing the position of the car from time to time, which opened the eyes of the nearby people.

It is pointed out that the owner of the car is a middle-aged businessman with good financial ability. He lost a lawsuit over a financial dispute and started a horse-drawn protest against the lawsuit and his lawyer six or seven years ago.

The owner pays the parking fee on time, but as long as the car is driven, he will be fined between 2,400 yuan and 9,600 yuan in accordance with the regulations on violating the road traffic management penalty due to the change of the body and the loading of goods exceeding the regulations. You will be required to inspect the car; on the other hand, if the car is not started or the police do not notice that the owner is using the car, no fine will be issued.

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Car owners move flash regulations from time to time

The police station monitor caught him

However, because the protest vehicles were considered to affect the city’s appearance, the Transportation Bureau discussed with the police and decided to set up cameras to monitor when the owners started the vehicles. From July to August, the surveillance cameras captured the protest vehicles violating the road traffic regulations nine times. He was fined nearly 30,000 yuan.

Unwilling to be fined again and again, the car owner suspected that under the guidance of an expert, he began to hire a strong man "human cart" to swap the positions of the four protest cars.

Soon after, the original four protest vehicles were added to a fifth one, one with red bills and one with big-character posters, questioning why the camera was used to bill the bills.

The car owner is unwilling to fight again

Manpower is not counted as a driving penalty

Since the above-mentioned monitors are newly erected specifically for road violations, the police believe that there is no doubt, and as long as they violate the provisions of Article 18 of the Road Traffic Regulations twice within a year, the license can be suspended; the police said that the case has now entered the suspension stage.

It is pointed out that if the car owner continues to park after being suspended in the future, he can be towed according to the provisions of Article 12 of the Road Traffic Regulations; if the car owner changes the vehicle and continues to move the car in the mode of human-powered carts, it cannot be punished.