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The Municipality of Sliven provided a bio shredder - a machine for fine shredding of branches - to help the Municipality of Burgas.

The shredder will be used to remove branches broken by the devastating storm, which compromised the green system in the city, reports "Darik".

 In a telephone conversation between mayors Stefan Radev and Dimitar Nikolov, it became clear that the clearing teams need such a machine.

Damage from the storm in Slivensko as well

Today it has already been transported from Sliven to Burgas and is working in the field.

 "We have one such machine and we send it for as long as it takes to help colleagues.

Difficult situations like this show that when we help each other, we do much better.

There must be solidarity between the municipalities, as well as between us as people," said Mayor Stefan Radev.



fallen trees

a storm