Update the situation

of "Covid-19"

today. There are 774 new patients in the hospital, resulting in 2,450,968 collectible patients, 919 recovered, 15 deaths.

Reporters reported that

The Ministry of Public Health has released a preliminary daily report on the situation

of "COVID-19"

. As of September 20, 2022, there are 774 new cases (treated in hospitals), categorized as 774 domestic cases and new cases. from abroad - cases 2,450,968 cumulative cases

for the number of pneumonia patients

618 people have been hospitalized, while 919 recovered, resulting in the cumulative number of recoveries (since January 1, 2022) of 2,465,065, 8,189 are being treated, and 15 deaths have resulted in 10,957 cumulative deaths. Funeral (since January 1, 2022)

However, since June 1, 2022 onwards, the reporting system has been adjusted.

by reporting only patients requiring hospital treatment.

Therefore, the cumulative total of patients reported

The number is less than the cumulative total of recoveries.