New reports of escaped minks from the only breeding farm in Bulgaria.

They come from the inhabitants of the two nearby villages of Stara Zagorje - Majerito and Zagore. 

According to the locals, minks attack and destroy their small domestic animals. 

"Two days ago I met a mink face to face.

She hid in my yard.

For several years now, I have not been able to raise chickens because I constantly have problems with minks," said a resident of the village of Zagore.  

There are currently 25,000 minks on the farm, all of them female and pregnant

"I watch them from the time they are little hens, and when they grow up, my minks eat them.

This worries me", said resident Stanka Boneva.  

The manager of the mink farm, Silvia Yordanova, explained that the farm is surrounded by a very strong fence dug into the ground. 

"There is no evidence that our minks have been found outside.

We have been checked many times.

My doubts are that there is human intervention, because we check inside and outside the fence every day.

In the last few weeks, two other wild animals have been brought to me personally, which are from a family and can cause damage in village yards", Yordanova said. 

"They used to come to me personally from the farm to catch the minks," said Veselina Yaneva, a resident of the village of Zagore.

Yordanova did not want to say how many minks are on the farm.

"Our plans are to continue production," she added.  

According to her, about 25,000 minks were pregnant in April, and now they have given birth. 

Minks in Bulgaria are bred to be killed and their skins used to make clothes and accessories.