Ukraine "will not have any problems" to create its own production of projectiles for MLRS and HIMARS.

This was stated by military expert Oleg Zhdanov.

"No problems at all. We created the "Vilkha" (Ukrainian tactical missile system. - Ed.). And if the standard "Smerch" flies at 70 km, then our "Vilkha" at 110 km. There is already an option for 170 km, and , the designers say that it is possible to increase the range to 200 km," the expert noted.

According to Zhdanov, the question arises only before the organization of production.

"If there will be a technical possibility to organize production, then making projectiles for HIMARS-type launchers is not a problem at all. And in the future, after the war, we can do as the Germans did. Before handing over the Mars II MLRS to us, they poured into the system of on-board into the computer a firing table with shells that were made in Britain. That is, the unification of the launcher, the shells can be made by any NATO country. Just the data about the firing is entered into the on-board computer. And when you load the launcher, you simply select the type of ammunition , with which you are going to fire," the expert explained.

Earlier Oleg Zhdanov explained the difference between NURS and RSZV.

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