Moscow has "almost certainly" decided to move its KILO-class submarines from a port in Crimea to another in Krasnodar Krai in southern Russia.

This is stated in the latest intelligence report of the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain.

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Russian invasion of Ukraine 7015

"This is very likely due to the recent change in the level of the local security threat given the increased capacity of Ukrainian forces to carry out long-range strikes," the British ministry noted.

Russian nuclear submarines surfaced off Alaska

The report added that attacks on the naval headquarters and the main airfield of its naval aviation had increased over the past two months.

The British ministry emphasizes that the security of the Russian base is affected due to the "continued aggression against Ukraine".

British intelligence also said yesterday that Russia may have lost at least four fighter jets in Ukraine over the past ten days because of the Russian Air Force's greater risk-taking in providing close air support to Russian ground forces under pressure from a Ukrainian counter-offensive.

Russian invasion of Ukraine

Russia-Ukraine war