The photo with the blue-yellow bracelets on the blackened hand of a Ukrainian tortured by the Russians - in a few days went around the world and became another proof of the genocide of Ukrainians.

And it was from this photo that Oksana recognized her husband, TSN reports.

Oksana together with her children Elina, 9, and Marat, 14, is the first interview of the family in which they talk about their father.

36-year-old military serviceman - Serhiy Sova.

"In 2014, he was mobilized in the first wave of mobilization and joined the 93rd Kholodny Yar mechanized brigade," Oksana says.

Dog breeder, candidate for master of sports in boxing joined the Air Force of Ukraine voluntarily.

During the anti-terrorist operation, he defended Pisky, delivered ammunition to the Donetsk airport.

He was awarded numerous awards for his exemplary service.

"A call is a call, he couldn't stay at home for long.

He began to periodically sign contracts.

He considered the 93rd to be his own, because in the Dnipropetrovsk region, the 93rd is always the vanguard.

He always said that it was not for him to sit out," the wife convinces.

“He was in Desna when the full-scale invasion began.

He was seconded to Chernihiv, and was there until the beginning of April.

But his heart ached for the 93rd, which had already been sent to Kharkiv.

And the commanders took him to their boys," she recalls.

In March, Serhiyev was given a few days to see his family in his native Nikopol.

Immediately after that, he went to the Izyum direction.

"On April 19, he was still able to contact me before the fight.

He said that Oksan, the situation is very difficult.

We are covered by aviation, heavy artillery and tanks.

The enemy is advancing very quickly, there are dead guys and direct tank hits in the trenches.

We do not know how long we will be able to hold the borders, but I will not give up a single meter of our land, I will stand here until the end.

That's how it turned out, that's how he stayed there.

At 10 o'clock in the morning, as the military unit reported, there was already a terrible battle, after which he was declared missing," the woman shares her memories.  

And then she had five months of searching, photos from morgues, hospitals, lists of missing persons and prisoners.

"We hoped to the last that we were in captivity, I understood that the circumstances were very difficult," adds the wife of the tortured man.

When Ryzyum was released and the exhumation of the dead began at the mass burial site, the woman felt something.

"There was a premonition.

Foreboding as if before a meeting, heart was pounding.

When the first photos of exhumed bodies appeared, it so happened that our dad was found immediately.

And I saw it immediately," says the family.  

A hand in bracelets... Jewelry that Serhiy wore as a talisman since the beginning of the war.

"Since 2014, the bracelets, he has never parted with them.

And these are bracelets given by children," says the wife.

"Never seen him without them.

All the time with them.

And as he did not part with it, I do not part with his gift - a watch.

The last time I came, I gave it as a present.

I will never divorce," says the son of a fighter, Marat.

Oksana says that you can recognize a man by tattoos on his body.

"There are many of them and I know exactly which ones.

On the left hand is the name of our daughter, it is also written there and it is also on the body.

He should also have the name Marat written on his right hand.

The large head of an owl, as a symbol of our Owl and this surname.

He was always proud of her.

On the one hand, there is an image of a samurai with Chinese characters, so it is simply impossible not to recognize my husband," - assures Oksana.

During the interview, Marat's son does not leave his mother and courageously answers all the painful questions about his father.

The boy has already written a letter to the president - he asked that his father's body be returned to his native Nikopol as soon as possible.

And also - award dad as a Hero, posthumously.

"As a symbol of the courage and indomitability of our soldiers," says the boy.

To date, 146 bodies have been exhumed from the mass burial site in Izyum.

The exact number of dead is unknown.

However, the president reported on more than four hundred tortured Ukrainians.

After exhumation, their bodies are sent for forensic examination.

Serhiy's body, says his wife, is now in Kharkiv.

And this week she is waiting for official recognition.

"He always said and taught me that I am the wife of a combat soldier.

And that the children, his children of a combat soldier, so that he is not with him, they must always hold firmly against the blow of fate."

- says the woman.

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