The provision of Bulgarian energy went through many ups and downs in the parliament.

Finally, on our proposal, a ceiling of BGN 250 was adopted on the price of industrial electricity.

It took us a year to convince colleagues in the National Assembly that inflation would be reduced by supporting businesses.

We were late with this measure and that is why our inflation is double that of the EU.

This was stated to Euronews by Alexander Ivanov from GERB-SDS. 

There is gas, but at what prices?

From the beginning of the war, we stated that tenders should be held for long-term multi-supplier contracts.

Gazprom is not a reliable partner. 

Boyko Borisov: There is nowhere else to mock the people

All the main gas infrastructure was built at the time of GERB.

The "change" delayed the Greek connection by a year.


Perhaps to buy gas through intermediaries at a 30 percent higher price, Ivanov revealed. 

Statistics show that in the last year we have become much more dependent on Russia economically.

Kiril Petkov must answer why our dependence has increased so much.

The "change" deepened Russian gas supply ties.

I use the Romanian Gazprom to buy gas at a 30 percent higher price.

We have a project built for four children's hospitals - in Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas and Varna.

If we were in charge right now, the children's hospital in Sofia would be ready.

This is our priority.

The last regular government did nothing in this regard.

The political crisis brings nothing to Bulgarian citizens and businesses.

They will give a clear answer to this election.

PP, DB and BSP have encapsulated each other and apparently like each other very much.

We believe that the political dialogue should be carried out on a broad level.

Pettiness does not lead to anything good.

Our request is that we have a solution to the crises and we can manage, no matter how complicated it is, he added. 

Boyko Borisov

Alexander Ivanov