"War School" Gao Hongan will give a speech in October!

Chung Hwa University student: Do you want to kneel down and listen?

Gao Hongan was accused of plagiarism in his dissertation. When he came forward to refute, he was still in a "war school". He claimed to be a scholar from middle school to graduate school. He also said that "it's not like a 'Night Division of Chungwa University'", insinuating Lin Zhijian, the former mayor of Hsinchu.

(File photo, photo by reporter Wang Qianhao)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Gao Hongan, the mayoral candidate and legislator of the People's Party of Hsinchu, was plagiarized today (20th), and he held a press conference to refute the accusation. He also listed his academic experience and named Chungwa University Night department, causing controversy.

Chen Donghao, a senior media person, released a poster of Gao Hongan's invitation to give a speech at Chung Hwa University in early October, mocking Gao's gaffe; Chung Hwa University students also responded with a backlash.

On the 20th, it was revealed that Gao Hongan had written a paper at the University of Cincinnati in the United States. He was suspected of plagiarizing a paper he published with other researchers during his tenure at the Information Industry Strategy Association (Association of Information Industry), a consortium legal person.

Afterwards, she held a press conference to emphasize that she did not plagiarize or plagiarize, and also showed off her academic experience in the "war school", the former mayor of Hsinchu Lin Zhijian, "I, Gao Hongan, grew up today. Entering the top of the list, National Taiwan University graduated with the first place in academic performance, we are not like the “Nighttime Department of Chung Hwa University”, we are going to do the master’s irrigation of National Taiwan University.” The speech caused a public outcry.

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Chen Donghao, a senior media person, shared a promotional post in the evening. Zhonghua University invited Gao Hongan to give a speech on "Data Science and National Urban Governance" on October 6. Chen Donghao said sarcastically: "Elections are sometimes a disaster.. .. Gao Hongan at the press conference at the war school, but this is her event in October! Chung Hwa University...".

In the past, each Facebook post of the Chung Hwa University Student Union did not receive many likes, but the "Celebrity Speech is Coming" propaganda article published by PO last week, the response was cold at first, but today many alumni and current students flooded into it instantly. He also left a message: "Chungwa University didn't hear Gao Hongan's sincere words until today", "The night department must not go, the day department can do it by yourself", "You students of Chungwa University should really be grateful! The top of the list is here. ”, “Do I need to kneel to listen to the speech?”, “It’s not like some senior member of National Taiwan University from the night department of Chung Hwa University is coming.”