The power of marijuana haunts "Friends Eat", the band breaks the mood of "Udda", Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, the leader of the Democratic Party.

Lead the team to slap the troll to move forward with the "broken raw" law of the green line.

Symptoms such as "Sia Nu", Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health

The head of the Sera Krao camp is proud of Thai, angry, telling him he knows his habits so he can break up with him.

Proud Thai rampant at Democrats

Wash each other's mouth with blood.

In the style of the democratic brand, a high-end boxing style, leaning against a wall, citing warnings in the medical field, dangerous marijuana affects society in a wide, long-term way.

Incomparable with the campaign-style policies of political parties.

who still just thinks that will get a lot of points from the green belt

It is said that according to the principles, reasons, the Democratic stance is tighter.

Reinforcing the image of "free marijuana" as dangerous as a double-edged sword

But from a political point of view, it is clear that

“Conflicts of interests will be lost.”

Because the slate spreads from the Sera Kraw Phumjai Thai camp going to chase fish shots in a friend's pond

move forward frantically to penetrate the southern base of the democratic

regardless of alliance

to the point of being considerate

So it was taken back

subject matter

With the democratic situation, it's already "back against the lid", according to the tendency of the southern strongholds that used to monopolize, monopolize, it's no longer certain.

become a mark

The next election, all roads lead to the south.

It's not just the Pride Thai Party that uses fuss.

money bag camp

Carrying bananas into warehouses to chase and forcibly drive the old people of the Democrats into their affiliation.

But most recently, it is also a Thai-Building Nation camp under the plaque of "Uncle Kamnan", Mr. Suthep Thaugsuban, the leader of the PDRC procession who raised the troops to introduce the candidates.

MPs for Surat Thani

Announcing loudly without seeing the head of the old local

Asking for the whole province

Pinned as the headquarters of the camp.

The PDRC raised the flag in support of "Big Tu" General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, dragged on power.

Democrats, PDRC, unite Thailand to build a nation

Ruffled, inseparable

Opportunity to cut points, polish each other's legs

It's definitely going to happen.

Unite Thailand to build a nation, proud of Thailand, a point sharer who knows each other's hands and legs.

But what Democrats should not have expected is the new red label party, such as the Team for the Future of Thailand (CAT).

I would like to share a share of the ax handle. Choose to pin "Andaman" as well.

Focus from Mr. Somkid's first wiring

Jatusripitak, former deputy prime minister, economic hand who accepted as the prime minister's candidate in the Thai Future Party account

Launch the offensive game immediately.

The large economic team, led by party leader Uttama Savanayon, flew directly to Phuket.

Show vision, raising the connection between the city of tourism economy, Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi

According to the professional management form "Somkid" opens new horizons.

In campaigning with economic policies match the strengths of the zones.


compared to the old politics

Shaking the "electric pole" in the south of Thailand

The old pearl "don't choose me, he will come" Waiting to eat "old merit", there is no hope

because a new dimension of voting

that make the people of the south see clearly

The difference between pure politics

with political and economic administration concurrently

It should allow the sector to develop further than in the past.


by the situation squeezing into a tight corner

Fighting forced the Democratic Party to run and fill the leaks.

Chase close the loophole in time.

Meet the allies that are broken.

Where will the former alumni

Going to the new party, the red label is hot

Competitors surround the back

The throne of the Southern Champ is sure to shake.

political news team