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Our main goal is the fight against corruption.

In two weeks we will have the opportunity to make a choice between the old and the new. 

This is what the candidate for deputy from "We continue the change" said in the program "The Live Day".

Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev presented their political project "We continue the change"" Venetsia Angova. 

"For me, politics is not an end in itself. I see a vocation in my work.

This vocation is to channelize public funds so that they do not go to drawers, but to people. I entered politics because I said to myself - now or never. People's income they have to get carried away.

We are now living in continuous shocks because the old policy did not provide buffers for the purchase of cheap energy, diversification of energy supplies. We

also foresee an increase in the minimum wage. This increase will be related to a formula. As the economy grows, it will the minimum wage is also growing, and this will not depend on the government's decision. We have also foreseen that there will be no tax changes.

This will provide security and an opportunity for business predictability," she revealed.   

Venezia Angova (PP): Our strategy is to maintain a good investment environment and increase social spending

"For PP, it is not the blind following of ideologies that is leading, but the solving of people's problems. We are rather in the center and we are looking for how to unite our ideas with those of the DB of the BSP. A

coalition with GERB is impossible. There is no way to form a coalition with a party that is a symbol of corruption.

We will seek a coalition only with parties that have brought the fight against corruption to the fore. We have principles and we will not violate them," Angova said categorically.

"I cannot comment on the topic of the budget update from the next parliament.

I listen to representatives of the caretaker government, who remind me a lot of the governments of GERB. During the previous administrations, very large deficits were set, only to have surpluses that were spent opaquely at the end of the year. Last year we did something that no one else had done

. If at the end of the year there is a surplus in the budget, this surplus should be spent by a decision of the Parliament, and not, as it was before, by decrees of the Council of Ministers," concluded Venezia Angova. 

We continue the change

Venice Angova