The largest saffron trade agreement in the world with an initial value of 300 million dollars was signed between Iran and Qatar.

According to APA's Tehran office, a few months before the start of the world championship in Qatar, the largest trade agreement in the field of saffron was signed between Iran and Qatar with the participation of the representatives of the two countries.

This agreement, signed with the participation of Qatar's finance minister and Iran's ambassador in Doha, was concluded between Iran and Qatar for the transportation and processing of 200 tons of Iranian saffron with an initial value of 300 million dollars.

One of the official goals of Tehran is to bring the price of Iranian saffron closer to the world market level and not to sell raw saffron.

Iran's production and export volumes have decreased sharply this year due to drought.

The country, which grows about 90% of the world's saffron, plans to increase production and export volumes again.