The car has a problem

It is indeed a difficult matter for many of you.

in the computational head

Go far to how much money must be spent on repairs

But for this American in Missouri, USA, where the car suddenly broke down.

until having to stop temporarily in front of a convenience store

brought unexpected luck

The man did not reveal his name and age.

From Doniphan, said: “I was very upset that day.

I'm driving home

machine temperature needle

The motor bounced up.

So he hurriedly hit the turn signal into the side of the road.

Stop in front of the KC General Store convenience store to check the condition.

and wait for the engine to return to normal.”

While waiting, there was nothing to do, so I walked into a convenience store.

Take a Fun Five lottery ticket and hand it to the counter staff.

Scan for unexpected rewards

As a result, the employees were dazzled.

Say you won

When I told the numbers, I cried to God, because it was $100,000, or more than 3.6 million baht, and I got a new car unexpectedly.