Indira Ekadashi Vrat 2022: Special attention is kept in Indira Ekadashi fast.

Indira Ekadashi 2022 Date:

Ekadashi is fasted to please Lord Vishnu.

The Ekadashi of Shukla Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month is called Indira Ekadashi 2022.

This Ekadashi falls during Pitru Paksha, which is why its importance has increased even more.

According to the experts of astrology, by keeping the fast of this Ekadashi (Indira Ekadashi 2022 Vrat MIstakes), the ancestors are also satisfied and they get salvation.

Let us know when is Indira Ekadashi, what is its worship method and which five things should not be done on this day.

Indira Ekadashi date 2022 |

Indira Ekadashi 2022 Date and Time

Indira Ekadashi Tithi of Ashwin Krishna Paksha is starting on 20th September at 9.26 pm.

At the same time, Ekadashi Tithi ends on 21st September at 11:34 pm.

According to the recognition of Udaya Tithi, the fast of Indira Ekadashi will be kept on September 21 only.

Apart from this, the fasting will be done on 22nd September. 

Do not do these 5 things during Indira Ekadashi fast.

Indira Ekadashi 5 Mistakes

On the day of Indira Ekadashi, use clean clothes at the time of worship.

During this, do not wear black or blue clothes even by mistake. 

On the day of Indira Ekadashi fast, wake up before sunrise in the morning.

On this day, do not make vengeful food like garlic, onion etc at home. 

Avoid eating rice on the day of Ekadashi fasting.

Apart from this, do not consume brinjal, spinach, lentils etc. on this day. 

During Ekadashi fast, maintain an atmosphere of peace and happiness in the house.

Do not insult the elders of the house on this day.

Significance of Indira Ekadashi Vrat | Indira Ekadashi 2022 Importance

According to religious belief, Lord Krishna is worshiped during the fast of Indira Ekadashi.

It is believed that the body and mind remain balanced due to the effect of this fast.

Also the grace of God is received.

Devotees keep fast for the fulfillment of their wishes.

It is said that due to the effect of this fast, all the sins also get destroyed.

Apart from this, fathers are also happy. 

Indira Ekadashi Puja Method |

Indira Ekadashi 2022 Puja Vidhi

On the day of Indira Ekadashi, devotees take bath first thing in the morning.

After this the Shaligram form of Lord Vishnu is worshipped.

Yellow flowers, Panchamrit and yellow flowers are offered to him.

After meditating on Lord Krishna, his mantras are chanted.

Along with this, aquatic food can be taken during fasting on this day.

Donating fruits on this day is also good.

On the second day of the fast, poor or Brahmins are fed food in the morning.

Along with this, grains and clothes are donated to them.

After this the fast is ended by doing Parana.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general assumptions and information. NDTV does not confirm this.)

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