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China's government today issued a procedural rule that aims to make it easier for some foreigners to enter China and the territory along the border in case travelers want to visit tourist sites, Reuters reported.

Tour groups organized by travel agencies in China's border areas can choose "flexibly" at which port to enter or leave the country, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism said.

However, they did not provide details on when the new rules will come into force.

China closed its borders to foreign tourists due to covid outbreaks in 2020. Only specific groups of foreigners were allowed to enter the country, as well as those holding a certain type of work visa.

The rules have been gradually relaxed in recent months, from resuming more direct flights between China and some countries to allowing foreign students with valid Chinese residence permits to enter.

Quarantine for arriving foreigners was also reduced.

A metropolis in China is lifting its severe covid quarantine

China borders more than 10 countries - Russia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam and others.

Chinese cities along the border are often affected by local transmission of Covid through land crossings by both foreign nationals and Chinese nationals.