In Sumgayit, a recording of the school principal demanding money from teachers has been released.

The incident took place at secondary school No. 32 in Sumgayit city.

It is alleged that the director of the secondary school Ibrahimova Esmira Familgizi called on the WhatsApp group she created for teachers on September 14 and demanded 50 manats from each teacher.

At the same time, it is also claimed that the principal demanded this money under the pretext of repairing the secondary school.

The director also said that money will be deducted from teachers' salaries.

We went to the school to investigate the incident.

We learned from the students that the general condition of the school is normal.

But whatever is broken, money is collected from the students to fix it.

They even ask for money to put pictures of good students on the honor board.

We are greeted at the entrance by a lady who introduces herself as the school's doctor.

Of course, if this means being welcomed... As soon as he sees our camera, he makes a noise and says that the arrival of media representatives to the school is a danger for everyone:

After meeting with the school official, we went to Absheron-Khizi Regional Education Department.

Since it was lunch time, we could not meet the management.

It is true that Sabina Mammadova said that the administration officials were at the school, but for some reason none of them wanted to meet us.

They didn't even answer our calls.

We also said to wait for the results of the investigations.

Let's wait and see what will come out of the water.