canal full of water

flooded fields

It has been raining continuously for over a week.

causing Bangkok, its vicinities and all regions of Thailand to face floods and floods

Nightmarish twitching

The great flood of 2011 came back to frighten.

Catch a signal from the relevant government sector. "Can't sit still". Let's run to fix the situation.

reflects the lack of a strategy to support the situation in a systematic way

There is no formality in dealing with the great floods.

It is not surprising that Thai people

Especially people in risky areas will not breathe through the stomach.

Can't do anything more than have to chase after the rain with excitement.

The same mood as the leader who has the same heart pounding.

Under the conditions of "Big Tu", Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense are in a vacuum of power.

Waiting for the Constitutional Court's verdict

In the case of 8 years as Prime Minister

Recently, the Constitutional Court has scheduled a "Judgment Day" to determine oral statements.

Vote and read the ruling to the parties to hear the decision in the case of Gen. Prayut's 8-year tenure as Prime Minister.

Pinning at 3 PM on September 30th will be here.

After having discussions leading to a diagnosis, it was seen that

The case is a legal issue and there is enough evidence to make a diagnosis.

Therefore, the investigation was terminated accordingly.

Organic Act on the Consideration of the Constitutional Court, Section 51, paragraph one

Counting down, there are 12 days left. The situation that the leader must win over and over.

The towing condition continues to be completely “marginal”.

According to the circumstances, if the Constitutional Court points out that

General Prayut

He served as Prime Minister since 2014 after the coup.

That's Game Over

The path of leadership is over immediately.

If you look at the world in an optimistic way

It was also a soft landing opportunity.

The Constitutional Court threw a ladder for "Big Tu" to automatically climb down from the tiger's back.

Don't take the risk of daring and soaring.

But if you look at the pessimism

It was to destroy the dreams of the old military leader who had hoped to build a reputation.

International show on the stage of the APEC summit hosted by Thailand

I have to pack my bags and go home.

Tickets for a long vacation tour

or in the corner, can go on, but can't go to the end

The case of the Constitutional Court

General Prayut as Prime Minister

Since the 2017 constitution came into force, that means "Big Tu" has been prime minister for 2 years. There are still 2 more years of power game promotion left. The prime minister's ticket in 2025

in question mark

At the end of the government term in 2023, new elections are required.

How will Gen. Prayut campaign for his return as prime minister for another 2 years? More importantly, which political party will put his name on the prime minister's account?


or in the corner where the "Big Tu" and the cheerleaders on the pig's head

is to win the Constitutional Court pinning

General Prayut

Started as Prime Minister since March

After the big elections in 2019, that has to be counted for another 8 years, the term of office of Prime Minister of "Big Tu" will end in 2027, having a chance to make a hat-trick in the next election for another full term.

But before reaching the 3rd goal, you have to go back and look at the 1st and 2nd goals.

Just to encourage "Big Tu" to go on and look at it and still turn upside down and turn upside down.

According to the condition, if it is a boxer, it must be said that it is “traumatized”, wrecked, almost nothing remains.

General Prayut

In the early days of sitting at the prime minister's podium, the ratings were stuck in the wind, writing the song "Return happiness to Thailand"

It's funny to listen to

The crowd sang along with the whole town.

On the contrary, the situation today, the cheers, the rousing music

was replaced by scolding and booing

Turning around, contrary to the old military leader's further dragging efforts.

and can guess the game according to the formula for political success at the end of the term of the council

The government's time is almost over, whether it's Gen. Prayut who has gone further or is "Big Pom", Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister who has the right to hold power.

"Acting on behalf of the Prime Minister" for a long time

However, it is inevitable that the Cabinet will have to adjust the dress code to prepare for the elections.

Under the rhythm of the situation that is near the shore every now and then from the date of September 24 onwards

Counting the remaining term of the House of Representatives for not more than 180 days according to the constitution that allows

District MPs can resign.

without having to elect to repair the waste of budget

And that would have been a race against the old camp.

Moving to a new agency

According to the situation that every fortress camp is facing up, open the face of the "real person" to compete for the election flag.

Focus on "Teng Ham" like the Pheu Thai Party.

The team of Dubai department store managers who risk walking Mak "Khun" to support "Ma" with the opening page of "Ying Aor", Khunying Potjaman Damapong, joining in as a cheerleader for her favorite daughter, "Ung Ing", Ms. .Patthongtarn Shinawatra, head of the Pheu Thai family

Flick the Chai

Seize Chiang Mai, the capital of the Chin family.

as a sweeping land slide base

Anyway, it's not normal.

that normally the introvert

Like Khunying Potjaman, will come out in front of the political curtain.

especially in the situation of threading into the needle

The political game is intense.

Thai people all over the country look at the same thing. This is the "real one". The wind under the wing "Ung Ing".

Whoever the "Nominee 3rd Generation Prime Minister" is, it's probably not bigger than "Mistress".

and at the same time it was

"Muay Yai Cherng Sung" like Mr. Somkid

Jatusripitak, former deputy prime minister, economic manager

returning to the political field

officially launched

Accepted as a candidate in the Prime Minister's account of the Thai Future Party.

and began to feather the tail of a large set of wiring to open vision immediately

Show the form of the economic team that is better than anyone

Celebrate the auspicious occasion in Phuket

The major economic zones of the south were the first areas.

Allegedly showing the ability to implement the economic boom policies of each region in practice.

According to the strategic goal of "Somkid" under the brand "Creating the Future of Thailand", focusing on brand-name products in department stores

Focus on pinning in Bangkok

with major metropolitan economic areas

hoping for qualitative electoral votes from the middle class and above

willing to be tired, starting from a new alternative sales center

don't fight the old way

not with the sowing of the money to herd the MPs into the stall

Another camp that sprouted from the Pheu Thai Party like

"Cut to death, sold out" is the Thai Sang Thai Party, which has given time "Jay Noi" Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan to become the real party leader.

Trailer with a child in a spell like Lt. Sita Tiwari took the podium of the party secretary.

"Jae Noi" shows the teamwork that breaks out of the camp from the Dubai department store boss, according to the form, it should be a big piece.

Block the Battle of Land Slide

It is inevitable that the Thai people will chase and smash them for sure.

Turning to the current government pole that seems drowsy, yawning.

expelled from the People's Power Camp

in the abyss

"Salwan is shorter", the current has disappeared, living together by bullets

Stock up on bananas as a warehouse-filled election supplies.

highlighted when

Gen. Prawit went on a field trip to inspect the government of Tak province, with members of the Thai Economic Party waiting to welcome them.

Followed by hot questions in the case of "Captain Nast" Capt. Thammanat Phromphao, the head of the Thai Economic Party.

will lead the team back to the Pracharat power camp

"Big Pom" did not answer, but did not deny it at all.

Summarized by the relationship of "Big Pom" and "Captain Nas", "Hua" travels the same way.

If returning to the camp risks the party breaking.

It was probably a separate walk together.

But the Hua is broken

They have been fighting each other since the elections are not yet in time.

The situation of the Sera Kraw Pride Thai camp, the real one like "Newin Chidchob" and the real voice like "Sia Nu" Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health, the party leader, who is collapsing with the Democratic camp of "Ud" Da" Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce

The result of secretly fishing in a friend's pond

Chase piercing the southern base until it is perforated.

Being hit in the back of the kitchen until the Democrats lose patience

Not interested in tying Xiao as a coalition party

The phenomenon that the team

The Democratic Party came out to kick and block the Cannabis, Hemp Act of Sera Kraw Camp.

Slap in the face and get it back

Let them know that they quit dating.

Of course, the "Ne Win" style of politics is broken, sending "Xie Noo" to move forward to forcibly chase the MPs, stock up on the chance to win the dream of the Prime Minister's chair.

But that was at the cost of losing political friends.

Fight forced to push and inflate to reach the target.

Paek falls off a horse and dies.

There is no escape from the state of loneliness.

"Political team"