from the stream of God

ask for free pizza

otherwise it must go

"Aveje Poipet"

on the online world

Thai Rath Online News Team

therefore went to the area to find the abyss near Bangkok

without having to go as far as

Poipet, Cambodia

From Bangkok, traveling only 50 kilometers along Lam Luk Ka Road, we arrive at  Wat


Udom, Khlong 12

, an old temple built since 1874. It is one of the famous tourist attractions in

Pathum Thani province.

where exhibited stories about hell-heaven in 31 landscapes

The temple is open to visitors without charge.

to remind people to refrain from evil

focus on doing good

Therefore, it is popular with tourists from both Thais and foreigners.

If anyone wants to go to heaven

When walking up the ubosot, there will be a way to heaven.

by having to walk up a small staircase

It is about ninety degrees above the earth.

keep going up

will find each heaven

Go up to the top of the church roof.

But at the cost of hard work to reach the top

but will find coolness and tranquility

While last week due to heavy rain

causing the area of ​​hell under the base of the Ubosot to drown

and the temple has pumped out the water

As a result, the mechanical system in the Hell-Heaven exhibition area.


Still not working

but still retains the horrors of hell