Rumors that have passed for almost 20 years, no one can confirm whether the cause of the conflict is true, but it is certain that Khunying Potjaman Damapong and Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan are now walking different paths.

Although they were two queens who were in the history of creating the Thai Rak Thai Party.

won land slide elections in 2001 and sent party leader Thaksin Shinawatra as the 23rd prime minister

The paths of the two Empresses were parallel.

in the part of Khunying Potjaman

not coming out of political movements for a long time

until just came out to join the big event of the Pheu Thai Party in more than 16 years, in contrast to Khunying Sudarat

Or many people call Khun Ying Noi.

who continued to go to the area to meet the people

Create your own political party

along with some former Pheu Thai party members

under the name of the Thai Sang Thai Party

To prove that the past 31 years of political experience must not be a waste of time.

On September 9, 2022, the Thai Sang Thai Party

Organize an extraordinary large

"Let's come together to change the country.

Create a better life with the Thai Sang Thai Party” and an official announcement was made to appoint Khunying Sudarat.

He is the party leader and the prime minister's candidate.

Clarity in this full political wading

Khunying Sudarat

Recently reiterated on September 9th that

Ready to become the 30th Prime Minister of Thailand, after an official announcement a few hours later, on September 10, in a big event "Sabadchai Pheu Thai comes to North", the picture is more interesting than usual.

because Khunying Potjaman came out with family members to cheer

Or in the sense of support, Ing Phaetongtarn Shinawatra, the youngest daughter, fully.

Even the mission of Inc.

It is Thaksin Shinawatra's last hope in leading the Pheu Thai Party to win the land-slide election in the next election.

to bring father home

Khunying Potjaman encouraged Ink.

At the Pheu Thai Party event on September 10, 2022

It came out into the political spotlight after being quiet.

For a long time, Khunying Potjaman

After divorcing from Thaksin in 2008

former prime minister

that was in a coup d'état in 2006 and Thaksin had to stay abroad until now.

Khunying Sudarat is the opposite.

because they continue to visit the area to meet people continuously

And connect with more people in various networks and tell about Thai political goals in the future

without answering questions about the past

that is always said

because I have crossed over

and forgiveness

Many people tried to inquire about personal conflicts that were not only linked to Khunying Potjaman.

but also referred to former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, younger sister of Thaksin.

That Khunying Sudarat didn't want to talk about it.

Only the people around me could tell that

"It's a woman's problem."

Until today, Khunying Sudarat

Just reiterated that it had already crossed over.

And from now on, is determined to complete the last important mission.

With the main idea that Khunying Sudarat reiterated to the latest Thairath online news team that

“The intention of creating the Thai Build Thai Party

This was considered the last mission.

who want to create a political institution that truly belongs to the people

that no one owns

I really have the intention of making a change.”

As for the experience of co-building a political party in the past, such as the Thai Rak Thai Party, until receiving a large number of seats in the House of Representatives in a land slide style

Khunying Sudarat simply replied that

Today the world has changed.

and people have to change accordingly

because of the main problem of the country

is the authoritarianism that suppresses the country

until the people were almost unable to walk

Especially during the 16-year conflict, and the worst was in the past eight years when the country was unable to continue.

I have to think what to do.

Therefore, the first thing to think about is working to create the Thai Sang Thai Party.

have to put the people at the center

and has the intention to really solve the country's crisis

“I'm very old, 61 years old. I consider completing the task of building the party as the last important mission that is not 31 years that I have been left in vain.

will use experience to build good political institutions

and act like a pile

It's just a bridge to connect people of all generations.

especially the new generation to help build houses and build cities

Create the best Thailand and deliver it to the next generation.”

That is the intention that Khunying Sudarat reiterates.

Khunying Potjaman presented a gift to Khunying Sudarat

At a birthday party in 2005

Back in the past 31 years, before Khunying Sudarat stepped up to become the commander of the Thai Sang Thai Party.

and ready to be a candidate to sit in the 30th Prime Minister's chair that used to be a rising star in politics

I have had the opportunity to be ministers in many ministries in the past governments.

He held political positions for the first time during the Chuan Leekpai government. He became Deputy Minister of Transport.

in the quota of the Phalang Dharma Party

Later, during the Banharn Silpa-archa government, he sat as the Deputy Minister of Interior.

Former on September 30, 1996, Pol Lt. Col. Thaksin Shinawatra, the then leader of the Phalangtham Party

Attended a party meeting and opened a press conference to confirm that he did not apply.

MPs with Khunying Sudarat and Maj. Gen Chamlong Srimuang were also present in the press conference room.

Then began to sit shoulder to shoulder with Thaksin.

and Khunying Potjaman

Since Thaksin

Was the leader of the Phalangtham Party in 1996 until it came to the creation of the Thai Rak Thai Party.

And won the election in January 2001 and Thaksin became Prime Minister for the first time.

Khunying Sudarat was Minister of Public Health throughout the Thaksin government from 2001-2005.

Encouragement given to Thaksin Shinawatra at Sanam Luang on March 3, 2006.

When Thaksin returned as Prime Minister in 2005, Khunying Sudarat was appointed Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives.

Until the coup d'état on September 19, 2006, and as an executive director of the Thai Rak Thai Party

was decided to dissolve the party

Therefore, he was disqualified from politics for 5 years during 2007-2012.

During the election of 2019, Khunying Sudarat

Served as chairman of the Pheu Thai Party Strategy

and was nominated as the Prime Minister's Candidate on behalf of the Pheu Thai Party

But Khunying Sudarat, in her 60s, chose to resign from the Pheu Thai Party.

to create a new party

It was launched during the Bangkok governor's election in May last year.

In this Bangkok governor's election field, many people have noted that

In the Bangkok House of Representatives election field, Pheu Thai should get 35 seats, but it appears that only 20 seats because the votes are distributed to other parties.

One of them is the Thai Build Thai Party.

That people understand that it's the party of the Brother Party and the Pheu Thai Party, even though both sides say that they don't want anyone to misunderstand that way.