Today will be windy and significantly colder air will move in.

The wind from the west-northwest in most areas will be strong, in places in Northern Bulgaria - temporarily stormy.

The cloudiness will be changeable, in the morning in isolated places with showers, and during the day it will often decrease to sunny.

The minimum temperatures are from 9-10° in the high fields of Western Bulgaria, up to 19-20° in the extreme southern regions, the maximum temperatures will be mostly between 18° and 23°, in Sofia around 17°.

Cloudiness will be variable along the Black Sea.

Light rain will fall in some places in the morning.

A strong, temporarily stormy west-northwest wind will blow along the northern coast.

Maximum temperatures will be 20-24°.

The temperature of the sea water is 22-24°.

The excitement of the sea will be 2-3 bales.

Code Yellow for strong winds and rain on Saturday

Cloudiness will be changeable in the mountains and it will rain in some places before noon.

A moderate and strong west-northwest wind will blow.

It will get cold.

The maximum temperature at 1200 meters will be around 12°, at 2000 meters – around 4°, but after lunch they will quickly decrease.

On Monday, the day will start with sunny but rather cool weather, daytime temperatures will rise slightly.

Cloudiness will increase later in the afternoon from the northwest.

On Tuesday, there will be almost no precipitation;

there will be a mostly moderate northwesterly wind and another portion of cool air will move in.

On Wednesday, the probability of rain in more places is greater, and in the highest parts of the mountains it will snow.

The maximum temperatures in most places will be below 20°, and the minimum - below 10°.

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