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Inflation in our country will reach its peak in the middle of next year at the earliest.

The national statistics will continue to record new peak values ​​for at least another year, financiers predict to the BNR. 

Annual inflation for August almost 18% and the highest price growth for gas, household expenses and most of the food.

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The increase in the cost of living will continue to be generated by high fuel prices, the war in Ukraine and even the Green Deal policies, says financier Nikolay Pavlov.

"Without wanting to alarm people, inflation will remain longer, but the more important thing, I think, is that in the coming years we will learn to live in an inflationary environment that is higher than the current one. If now the central banks were trying to hold 2-3 percent, we will most likely keep inflation between 4-6 percent. We are probably entering a cycle of expensive raw materials in the coming years."

According to the financier's forecast, record inflation will continue for at least another year.

"If things go well in the most optimistic scenario, we should probably be at the peak of inflation by the end of next year or the middle of it. And I would guess it would be between 15 and 17 percent."