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Yesterday's strong wind, which at times reached 200 kilometers per hour, caused serious damage to the facilities of the Electricity System Operator in the area of ​​the city of Pomorie.

The company reported that the storm knocked down 13 poles on two 110-kilovolt power lines.

The conductors of the broken poles blocked the road between Pomorie and Kableshkovo, left one of the substations without power, and the settlements in the area remained without electricity.

The material damage from the storm in Burgas is great, said the mayor Dimitar Nikolov

The ESO teams already yesterday removed the fallen wires and traffic on the road in the area was restored.

Crashes have now been fixed in most places, including those with temporary power.  

The joint work of the teams of ESO and "Elektrorazpradelenie-Yug" continues to repair the damage to the power transmission and power distribution facilities.

a storm

broken power line